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Wolf V2 by Jaffa6

I'm so glad to see that you went over that tutorial. This looks so much better!
I'm so happy to see erased lines and your anatomy has dramatically improved. The muzzle and lips have a much better shape.
Eyes are still relativity even, nice.

That tutorial isn't very helpful though when it comes to ears...

What I really think you need to do though is find a real wolf picture, or something more detailed, to try.
#1. You should write down the steps you learned and try to apply them to the new picture.
#2. Do Not expect to be perfect. In fact, expect that what ever you make will not even be recognizable. I'm not saying this because your not going to do well, I'm saying it because if you expect to do well, you won't and if you expect to do badly you will have the county fair winning piece! That's what gets me the most. Expectations. Don't Expect anything out of art. All you can do is try to do your best. If your best isn't good enough...try something else... There are Hundreds of types of art. You will find one you like.

But lets get back to drawing. Last time I told you to work on sketching first. I can see you did that! Keep practicing. Here this might help [link]
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